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Serafino Catallo is a masterful Toronto artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in painting and colour theory from York University.  Working in ateliers under internationally renowned artists, he has gained considerable experience in the etching printing processes.  His works reflect his keen interest in the abstract: breaking down and building up relationships between color, line and form.  His abstract landscapes are formed from sharply compartmentalized shapes to diffused planes of opulent color and color harmonies. The density of certain lines and the suggested completion of color flow are integral to the energy of his work. At times, spheres and other graphic markings tenuously float above the landscapes of imagery, appreciated for their implications of space and direction, their graphic appeal as both symbols and anecdotes, and their expressive and asymmetrical qualities.

Catallo masterfully creates depth and mass through various methods of creating color transparencies.  These include staining and dripping techniques, sanding, and etching in textures. Catallo’s work celebrates his medium for its inherent characteristics and its means of application. For him art is a mode of reason: it is as scientific as it is emotional.  Inspired by the color field painters of the mid-century, he explores abstract principles through various styles of work.

Catallo’s works are a celebrated part of several international private, public, and corporate collections including those of DeLoitte & Touche, AT&T, Chrysler Corporation, and Delta Airlines.  His first published series of prints were released in the fall of 2000.



Most of my work is informed by minimalist principles. I am most concerned with the reduced simplicity of colour and line and my relationship with their implied energy. I am absorbed by the metaphors possible between the physical and the mental landscape, the serenity and lyricism of a horizon line and the seamless (dis)integration of colour. Simple images have a great power to convey complicated concepts. The physical surface of the painting is as important to me as the imagery; I try to work with these two aspects of painting, the physical object and the metaphorical content, in every work.  Each piece must be an experience, a memory, and must also be painted as such.

In my new works, I am using a constructed metal structural grid beneath planes of free flowing colour which presents a clear juxtaposition; hard-edged lines that rhythmically create surface tension are an unlikely but lyrical compliment to the openness and softness of pure colour which hovers above them, steering the painting’s energy and reminding the viewer of the painting’s simultaneous depth and flatness.

In working in panels that form diptychs or triptychs, I am further able to break down the composition and reconstruct its boundaries. This separation in the work’s structural support contributes to the contrast of free flowing colour and the intercession of its form.

Often times drips of paint run down the canvas providing again another reminder to the viewer that pictorial depth is only temporal and the flatness of the work inevitably intervenes. This technique (along with staining) reveals engaging transparencies in the surface. This dialogue is integral in my work where I strive for such classical ideals as depth and perspective and then introduce notions of abstraction such as flatness and objectivity. Stylistically, lyricism and serenity are beginning to play a more advanced role as my work develops.

I use a variety of media in my work most notably acrylic. Tar, dry pigments, limestone dust, metal, detritus and oils contribute to the overall visceral dimension and treatment of my work.



   1992 – 1996  York University, Toronto, Canada. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours
                        Faculty of Fine Arts, Visual Arts Department

Professional Experience

   Atelier artist, etchings, KLIM Art, Toronto
   Marketing, Progressive Editions Fine Art Ltd., Toronto


   “New Works," Leonardo Gallery, Toronto
   “Transcendent,” Leonardo Gallery, Toronto
   Envers Chapin Gallery (group exhibition) Toronto
   Art Expo New York 1998 – 2005
   Art Expo Los Angeles 1998-2003
   Art Expo Las Vegas 2000 - 2005
   IIDEX Toronto 1999, 2000
   Orlando ABC 1999-2003
   Atlanta ABC 1998-2005
   Chicago ABC 1998-2005
   Miami ABC 1998-2005
   Art 21 Las Vegas 1998-2003
   IHFM, Highpoint, NC 2001-2005

Selected Collections: Past & Present

   Leonardo Gallery, Toronto, CAN
   Gallery 133, Toronto, CAN
   Prestige Art & Design, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
   Interior Design Associates, Boca Raton, FL
   Design Centre Of The Americas, Dania Beach, FL
   Progressive Editions Fine Art, Toronto, CAN
   Envers Chapin Gallery, Toronto, CAN
   International Art Acquisitions, Rochester, NY
   Liss Gallery, Toronto, CAN
   Kevin Barry Fine Art Associates, Los Angeles, California  
   Bentley Publishing Group, California, USA
   Editions Ltd., California, USA  
   Shelley Lambe Fine Art Consultants, Toronto, CAN
   Rosenbaum Fine Art, Boca Raton, FL
   Absolute Gallery, Lansing, Michigan
   Images Art Gallery, California    Denison Gallery, Toronto, CAN
   Rocfern International Galleries, Toronto, CAN
   Slaymaker Fine Art, Chicago, IL

Selected Public/Private/Corporate Commissions

   George Heller, Hudson Bay Co., Toronto, ON
   WCI, Boca Raton, FL
   DCM Erectors Inc., Toronto, ON
   Hughes Corporation, Las Vegas, NV
   Base Hospital, Toronto, ON
   Emergis, Toronto, ON
   Remax Reality, Toronto, ON
   Delta Airlines, USA
   DeLoitte & Touche, Toronto, ON
   AT&T, Toronto, ON
   Chrysler Corp., USA
   Enwave Energy Corporation, Toronto, ON

 International Art Treasures Web Magazine, Aug 2006

Past Representations

   Rosenbaum Fine Art, Florida 2001-2005
   Progressive Editions Fine Art, Toronto, ON 1997-2001