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Rita Vindedzis is a Canadian born artist.  She came to realize her passion for art very early in life.  Rita's earliest influences began in childhood as she watched both her mother and her father bring their artistic visions to life.
Inspired by the creativity that seemed to permeate virtually every aspect of family life, Rita began to pursue her own artistic abilities through formal studies.   The true nature of her inimitable style however graced her works rather naturally.  Rita's landscapes are a warm and inspiring combination of what she has seen as well as what she would like to see in the natural world around us.  

Rita paints her landscapes in her studio using photographs taken during family trips, inspirational drives, and walks through the countryside.  Some scenes however are created purely from memory.  Big skies, open fields, a large expanse of beach, meandering streams, and grazing sheep are some of her favourite themes.  Each painting is a soft-focus moment in time.  Her works have often been described as calming, peaceful, and meditative.  Her chosen medium for her work is Acrylic on Canvas.

Rita's long list of gallery exhibitions, art shows, studio shows, and home shows continue to garner respect for her work throughout the artistic community, and have given her both a loyal and rapidly growing following.
Her artwork has appeared in Canadian House and Home Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, and Décor Magazine.  She has been featured on national television programs including CityLine, Design Inc., Designer Guys, and Canadian Idol.  She has also been featured in national commercial campaigns for Heinz Canada, and in the Kilgour Estates model home designed by Brian Gluckstein.

Rita is also a best selling artist with Canadian Art Prints.  She is presently engaged in a wide range of solo, group, and gallery exhibitions.  Her works are a cherished part of numerous private and corporate collections.



I feel that our lives have become so fast paced and hectic that in looking at one of my paintings, I want the viewer to feel and enjoy the calm and serenity that I have painted.  Although many would describe my work as traditional landscapes I definitely feel that it has a contemporary edge.