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Figures on Stage
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Born in Lisbon [Portugal], Margarida Neto is a Visual Arts teacher with a degree in Painting from the António Arroio School of Arts in Lisbon, Portugal. She’s completed courses in Painting, Aesthetics and Art History at the National Society of Fine Arts, as well as attended a degree programme in Technological Sciences at the Universidade Aberta [University Aberta] in Lisbon. In 1962 she travelled to Paris on a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Grant under the guidance of Artist João Vieira and Dr. Rio de Carvalho.

Her contribution to the panels of the “Aula Magna” in the Rectory of the Universidade Aberta remains a highlight of her career. Awarded the Quadrante Prize for Painting, she has participated in many individual as well as collective exhibitions, and was selected for the Biannual Exhibition at La Coruña, Plasencia and Vila Nova de Cerveira.


Titled “Figures on Stage”, the theme is an amalgamation of painting and dance. In this set of paintings, Neto, inspired by the work of choreographer Olga Roriz, holds onto moments and eternalizes them through trace and colour. They are “Registers of Memory”, and this for Neto is painting. These registers capture the meaning and feeling of the movement.

Technically, Neto uses subdued lighting and contrast to enhance the detail of the physical bodies. As a result of contemplation, reflection and delivery, “Figures on Stage” depicts moments frozen in time that paradoxically continue to be alive. It is up to the individual to contemplate and set them free.



2007   Alamanda Negreiros Gallery at The Portugese Consulate, Toronto
2006   Municipal Library at Ajuda, Lisbon
           Holmes Place, Oeiras
           Youth Challenge Espaco Optico, Lisbon
2005   Brancamp Palace, Lisbon   
           Porto Corvo Palace, Lisbon
           Quinta das Lagrimas Hotel, Lisbon
2003   Municipal Gymnasio Gallery, Lisbon
           Fitares Gallery, Sintra
2002   MAC Contemporary Art Movement
           SPGL Gallery, Lisbon
           Quadrante Galery, Odivelas
2001   65A Gallery, Lisbon
2000   National Institute for Residences, Lisbon
1999   Art Shopping, Atrium Saldanha, Lisbon
           St. Domingo Cultural Place, Sintra
           X Biennal International of Art, Vila Nova de Cerveira
1998   Salon de Otono de Pintura de Plasencia, Spain
1997   Malaposta Cultual Centre, Lisbon
           Samora Barros Gallery, Albufeira
1996   Municipal Museum of Loures