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Previous Exhibitions at Leonardo Gallery:

An Affair of the Mind

Shifting Season

Lynn Owen is a guest artist at Leonardo Gallery, courtesy of Covent Garden Fine Art Gallery.


The pursuit of developing my artistic vision has been shaped over the years by a range of influences, beginning with my grandfather who offered his knee as the first easel for my sketchpad. From loving coaches such as this, through demanding instructors in commercial art programs, I've been encouraged to experiment and discover the possibilities of the acrylic and mixed mediums.

In my work I look as intensely as I can to discover the essence and spirit of the subject matter and attempt to bring a new insight and sensitivity through light, colour and texture.

Ultimately I strive to produce work that is thoughtful and will invigorate the space within which they find themselves.

Lynn lives in the Village of Westboro in Ottawa with her husband, daughter and collie.