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Libby Hague is a Toronto-based artist. She attended Concordia University where she earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree. She has shown widely across Canada, and her work has been featured internationally the Trosieme Triennale Mondiale d'Estampe, France, the Ljubljana Biennial in former Yugoslavia, and in galleries in New York, Lima and Tijuana. Hague was awarded the Marion MacMahon Award and honorable mention for Best International Video at the 2002 Images Festival in Toronto.


A child's society- its vitality, violence and distance from the adult world is underscored by the suicide of a friend's mother. The slippage between the child's and adult's world is personified by a tchnique of static animation in which hundreds of watercolour, ink drawings are superimposed on an out-of-register real world, composed of a nine minute dolly shot of a suburban housing project.


Solo exhibitions
Everything needs everything, Open Studio, Toronto, September 2005
Everything needs everything, Loop, Toronto, 2005
How to forget, Forest City, London, Ont. 2003
children see everything, Snap, Edmonton 2003
mini crisis Open Studio, Toronto, Ont. 2002
excuses, excuses, Gallery 44, Toronto, 2002
?love? (insomnia(island), a*level, Toronto, 2002
3 Ways into town, Vu, Quebec City 2000
Persistence of dreams, Open Studio Gallery, Toronto, 1999
How to make happiness, Articule, Montreal, Quebec 1998
lost + found in slow motion, Gallery 788, Toronto 1997
What difference does John Doe make?, Station Gallery, Whitby 1997
Libby Hague presents the Outrageous Piano Duck, Visual Arts Ontario, Toronto 1997
How to make happiness, Gallery 788. Toronto (catalogue) 1996
Close to home, Gallery 788, Toronto, (catalogue) 1995
It isn't enough to be fast Gallery 788, Toronto (catalogue) 1994
Life's Feast: 2 Against 1, Owens Gallery, Sackville, N.B. 1994
Life's Feast: mosaic, Windsor Printmaker's Forum 1993
Life's Feast: beginnings, Gallery 788, Toronto 1993
La Vie Interieure Engramme Galerie, Quebec City 1992
Recurring Patterns, Extension Gallery, Toronto 1992
Recent Work, Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto 1989
Garden/Self Portrait, Burnaby Art Gallery, B.C. 1988
A Winding Path, Glenhurst Art Gallery of Brant, Brantford 1988
Life Without a Heartbeat, Open Studio, Toronto, 1986
Landscape Paintings, 65 Bellwoods, Toronto, 1985
Recent Landscape Painting, Lacemaker's Gallery, Toronto, 1984
Recent Graphic Work, Sword St. Gallery, Toronto, 1981
Libby Hague: Graphic Work, Kitchener-Waterloo Gallery, 1980
Paintings, Yaneff Gallery, Toronto 1977
Paintings, Wells Gallery, Ottawa 1976
Quilts, Boswell's Gallery, Kingston, 1973
Quebec Landscapes, Boswell's Gallery, Kingston 1972
Libby Hague, S.G.W.U., Montreal 1971

Selected group exhibitions
Modern Day Myths , Harbourfront, Toronto, 2005
Photosynthesis, *new*, Toronto, April 30, 2005
Printmakers - leaving their mark, McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton 2005*
Invocation, Edward Day Gallery,(Great Canadian Printmaking Competition, third prize) Toronto 2004
Open Studio Exhibition , Galeria Juan Pardo Heeren, Lima, Peru 2004
Good Medicine, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, 2003
Les Fleurs du mal, le Jardin Saint-Roch, (organized by Vu ) Quebec City 2003
when I get up in the morning + go to work, Struts Gallery (book) 2003
NorthWest Print Council Exhibition, Portland Oregon 2003
Press, San Antonio, Texas 2002
Threshold, Edward Day Gallery, To., (Great Canadian Print competition) 2002
Songs from the Waterfront, York Quay Gallery at Harbourfront, 2002
Rock, Scissors, Paper, Case Studies, Harbourfront 2001
Transmedia2000, video billboard installation, Yonge & Eglington, Toronto also seen at 2000
Menagerie, Open Studio, Toronto 2000 Search, Open Studio Gallery, Toronto 2000*Multiplicity Brock University, St Catherines, Ontario 2000
Charivari ..Mythologie des lieux,Symposium and exhibition, St. Jerome, Quebec, September 1999
Approach Archive Inc., Toronto, 1999
Intimate Impressions: Art from Pan America Site GALLERY , Winnipeg 1999
some subtle sympathy, Great Canadian Print Competition, (honourable mention) The Edward Day Gallery, Toronto 1999
From Hairbread to Wishing Machines, Women Artists's Books from the AGO Library, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto 1999
Wood Tom Thompson Memorial Gallery, Owen Sound 1998
Sightlines, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1997
Ljubljana Biennial, former Yugoslavia, 1997
ES 97 Tijuana, Salon internacional de estandartes, Mexico 1997
Face (O. S. 25 Anniversary Exhibition), York Quay Gallery, Toronto 1996
Summer Group Show, Gallery 788, Toronto 1995
Think Big, Erindale Gallery, University of Toronto 1995
It Better Be Beautiful, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 1995
A Toronto Decade, Market Gallery, Toronto 1995
CAN:NYC, Viridian Gallery, N.Y.C., N.Y. 1995
Angelic Renaissance, Joseph O Carrier Art Gallery, Toronto 1994
Print Exhibition, University of Western Ontario Art Gallery 1994
Material Voices, Access Art Now, Toronto, 1994
Troisieme Triennale Mondiale d'Estampe, France (catalogue) 1994
Bunch of Printmakers, Workscene Gallery, Toronto 1994
Merging 16, Gallery 788, Toronto, Ontario 1994
Group Show, Workscene Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 1993
A Show of Cats, Prior Editions, Vancouver, B.C. 1993
New Work, Gallery 788, Toronto, Ontario 1993
The Solander Box Opened, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 1993
Graveurs d'Amerique, Alma, Que. (catalogue) 1993
The ink kisses the paper, St. Petersberg, Russia (catalogue) 1993
Toronto Impressions, Historical and Contemporary Prints from the City's Collection, The Market Gallery, Toronto, 1993
Printing and Process, Extension Gallery, Toronto (catalogue) 1992
Multiples, Art Gallery of Ontario Art Rental, Toronto 1992
Carmichael, Glicksman, Hague, Ostoff, West, Wilson, Gallery Moos, To. 1992
Faculty Exhibition, Erindale College Gallery, Mississauga, Ont. 1991
In Red, Fundraising Gala, Extension Gallery, Toronto, Ont. 1991
Open Studio, Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition, Toronto (catalogue) 1991
Eight Toronto Printmakers, Brampton Public Art Gallery, Extension 1991
Eight Toronto Printmakers, Manitoba Printmakers Gallery 1990
Artistes des Ameriques, Jonqui?s, Que. (catalogue) 1989
Living Impressions, Art Gallery of Hamilton (catalogue) 1989
Chronicle/Symbol, Memorial University, Nfld. (catalogue) 1988
Open Studio, Estonia, Soviet Union 1988
Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto, Three Artist Show 1987
Printshops of Canada, Macdonald Stuart Gallery, (catalogue) 1987
Cardiff, Earle, Hague, Manning Gallery, Toronto, 1986
Interiors/Exteriors, Market Gallery, Toronto, 1985
Private Image, A.R.C. Toronto & Public Image Gallery N.Y., 1985
Four Canadian Landscape Painters, Koffler Gallery, Toronto 1985
Book & Sequence Exhibit, Gallery 44, Toronto, 1982
O.S. Ten Years, Art Gallery of Hamilton, (catalogue) 1982
The Big Print, Art Gallery at Harborfront, 1982
Print Biennale, Art Gallery of Bradford, England, 1981
Gallery Pascal, Toronto 1979
Well's Gallery, Ottawa 1977
RCA Spring Exhibit, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 1971


Amy is looking for Jake Paradise svhs and vhs, 10:10 min.
Distribution : V Tape, 401 Richmond St. W. # 452, Toronto, Canada M5V 3A8
tel. (416) 351 1317 fax (416) 351 1509 / /
Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film and Video, Victoria BC (fall) 1999
Fresh screening at YYZ Gallery, Toronto 2000
CDVDO, Webster U. Film Series, St. Louis, USA 2000

Lily Yung: Alchemy ( Beta SP, mini DV, VHS, 12:12 min.) 2000
Parade: 2 part looped projection for wall or monitor VHS, Beta SP, and split screen projection 2000
installation in the group exhibition Songs of the Waterfront, Harborfront, Toronto 2002

Bang bang(Beta SP, DV 4:36)
2001 Tranz...teck 2001 Toronto

Our town, (Beta SP, DV) 9:10 2001-02
-"All Hers", curated by Sinara Roza as part of Festival International de Cine de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2002
-Images Festival, Toronto, 2002, Marion MacMahon Award and honorable mention for Best International Video
-Mediawave International Festival of Visual Arts, Gyor, Hungary curated by Sinara Roza 2002
-The Lady Show, curated by Alissa Firth-Eagland and Zoe Stonyk, V Tape, Toronto, June 2002
-Videaste Recherce-e 2002, la Bande Video, curated by Chris Gehman, Kelly Langaard
to be continued..., Mini dv, Pal, 00:15, 2003
-" Picsel+", Cardiff, Wales, 2003

Quirky installations
how to remember (paradise) , Harborfront, Toronto (upcoming) 2003
q + a, Fly Gallery, Toronto, (upcoming) Ont. 2003
something's missing, Fly Gallery, Toronto, Ont. 2002
my neighbour is crazy Natural Light Window Gallery, Toronto 2002
Whirligig Garden, (Artists garden project) Harborfront, Toronto, Canada 2002
Relax....try Natural Light Window Gallery, Toronto 2001
Whirligig, Natural Light Window Gallery, Toronto 2000
Careful baby Natural Light Window Gallery, Toronto, October, 1999
Dream at Queen's Park artist's window, Pages Bookstore, Toronto, April 1999
Watch Out! Natural Light Window Gallery, Toronto, 1998
An Amazing Group of Artists, A Space vitrines & Open Studio, Member's Gallery & the sidewalk between them, Toronto 1995
Untitled Installation, Red Head Gallery Showcase, Toronto 1995
Nakedness is also a disguise, (installation) Darling Showcases, Toronto, 1991