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John Long explores various methods to create sculptural-like images displayed in three dimensions. Illusion of depth allows the viewer to enter into a new relationship with the represented. This has the potential to disrupt and reconfigure the connection between the viewer and image in startling ways.


Photographic Education

1975-81 Ryerson Polytechnic University

Photographic Arts Department 1981

Bachelor Degree in Applied Arts


October 2005 X,Y&Z –An Exploration of Stereo Photography

Leonardo Gallery , Toronto , ON

June 2005 The Third Dimention – Stereo Photographic Images

Leonardo Gallery , Toronto , ON

April 1980 Lincoln Coffee Bar – Black and White Photographic Essay

Ryerson Photographic Arts


While I photograph with a variety of formats and cameras, I became particularly interested in working with stereo photography in 1988. Since 1999 I have been using a 1929 Rolleidoscop medium format stereo camera. I shoot on low speed film and then make high-resolution scans of the two transparencies. From then on I work digitally with both images before printing to a large format inkjet printer. My stereo work is presented in a variety of formats: as stereo slides viewable in a late 19th century Taxiphote viewer, as triptych prints viewable with a Hyperviewer large format viewer or as large diptych prints using cross-eye viewing technique.