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John Long is a Toronto based artist. He attained his BA in Photography from Ryerson University in 1981.  His photographic practice includes the use of several different equipment and techniques, enabling him to widely exercise almost any aspect of photographic media. His artistic process involves a blend of both historic and current technologies. 

Several years after graduation, John Long began to explore a photographic technique known as the stereo format. He uses a 1929 Rolleidoscop medium format stereo camera, shooting on fine-grain, low speed film from which he makes high-resolution scans. He then assembles the images digitally, creating a three-dimensional effect, and prints on Enhanced Matte paper using Ultrachrome inks.

His stereo work is presented in a variety of formats: as stereo slides viewable in a late 19th century Taxiphote viewer; as triptych prints viewable with a Hyperviewer large format viewer or as large diptych prints using cross-eye viewing technique; and most recently as backlight stereo photographs that are viewed in the third dimension without the use of any optical equipment.

John Long’s panoramic work exemplifies diversity in many ways. While social images, or portraits of people and animals, display a social dialogue, they are also similar to the industrial or cultural documentary style shots that record both human presence and interaction. On the other hand, the landscapes are contemplative, serene, vast and tumultuous. Each piece is a comment about a location. Thus free of human presence, African landscapes reveal exotic mystery; yet landscape of Canada speaks to our Canadian identity.


Photographic Education

1975-81 Ryerson Polytechnic University

Photographic Arts Department 1981

Bachelor Degree in Applied Arts


October 2005 X,Y&Z –An Exploration of Stereo Photography

Leonardo Gallery , Toronto , ON

June 2005 The Third Dimention – Stereo Photographic Images

Leonardo Gallery , Toronto , ON

April 1980 Lincoln Coffee Bar – Black and White Photographic Essay

Ryerson Photographic Arts