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Previous Exhibitions at Leonardo Gallery:

An Affair of the Mind

Shifting Season

Jamie MacLean is a guest artist at Leonardo Gallery, Covent Garden Fine Art Gallery.


Only since late 2003 have I became passionate about my art. Surprisingly, this zeal was kick-started during a seminar on how to operate a consulting business. During the self evaluation sessions, the course leader asked when we were going to embrace the challenge of our individual dreams - "If not now, when?" (I hold an Engineering Degree and over a 30 year career have worked a varied career from Piping Design to Construction to Manufacturing Plant Manager to Consultant and finally Fine Artist (full time).) Last year's highlights include the Toronto Art Expo, a solo show at the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre Gallery, participation in the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase Art Auction and acceptance into the McMichael Autumn Art Sale. I have also recently been elected to the Board of Directors of the Artist Network of Riverdale.


Working in oils, my goal is to capture the emotion and raw power of nature and convey my sense of wonder to the viewer. I tend towards bold colours and the drama of high contrast (the dark side of light) and the quality of light to express the freedom consistent with the natural world.

I want the viewer to look, use all his or her senses and then look again.
I paint "what I see" either realistically or interpretively, depending on "how I see it".