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Elisa Morera

From very early in life, art has had an indisputable attraction for Morera. Her art emphasizes a singular preference for details and fragments of fruit and flowers, delicately drawn to tempt the spectator’s palate.

Loving the human figure, Morera tries to portray eyes, torsos, faces and even the souls of those who appear on her canvas. From the first moment, the oil becomes an inseparable friend and her brush strokes begin to take the form of the spirit of her personal and natural subjects. Some of her surrealistic works evoke a phantom prayer in a theatrical scene.

Multiple textures and mixed techniques characterize her current work. Her colorful abstract representations of butterfly wings call attention to their intense beauty and fragility, and to the destruction of their habitat.

The works of this talented artist can be found in private collections in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.