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Shifting Season

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David Goorevitch's career in photography spans four decades. Since 1974, his work has been dominated by the magical and the absurd. Obsessed with a passion for capturing multi-layered images that surround us, he creates layered images of urban life that describe the city as a place of chaotic wonder.

From 1982 to 2006, David was a filmmaker and broadcaster.  From 1991 to 2007 he developed and executed the production of hundreds of hours of award-winning television. He was in charge  of such CBC flagship programs as North of 60, Da Vinci’s Inquest, This Is Wonderland and Dragon Boys.

In 2003, David took a sabbatical, which he spent pursuing photography. Since July 2006, he has mounted 5 shows, and was included in “It’s About Time”, a group benefit for the Artists Health Centre in Downtown Toronto.

Before his life in the visual arts, David was a musician and music promoter. As co-founder and president of the Edmonton Jazz Society, he brought scores of concerts to Western Canada and the United States.

He continues to contribute his film skills across the country, and is a mentor and guest lecturer on writing and broadcasting at the Canadian Film Centre, the U of T (Hart House) and Ryerson University (Image Arts).

David has a BA in arts from the University of Alberta, and a BAA in Film & Photography from Ryerson University. He is a few mind-numbingly difficult theory courses short of a diploma in Music.



Because I’m both a photographer and filmmaker, most of my photographs have narrative qualities, even when unintentional.
But my approach is completely intuitive, which explains the multiplicity of streams in my work: reflections, in which layers of image and reflections combine as new, multi-layered image constructs; landscapes; and “findings” – my word for the unexpected and suddenly marvellous images made from such unlikely material as cellophane tossed onto a pond, or tire tracks on a curb.
Altogether, they capture my optimistic belief that the next moment of wonder has already begun.


2007 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square
2007 Group Exhibition, Leonardo Gallery
2007 Serendipity: The Garden Show, Insideout Gallery
2007 Puzzles & Findings, Terase Gallery
2007 It’s About Time, The New Gallery
1981 Passing Strange, Ryerson Photo Gallery
1979 Edmonton Public Library